I Cannot Heal

I see the world through teary eyes,

A world turned dark by Adam’s fall,

With pain and sorrow and disaster –

And I can never fix it all.


If I could cure my one friend’s woes,

My other friend’s anxiety,

Or comfort those in pain, I would –

But healing isn’t up to me.


I could help till I drop dead,

But still, no matter what I do –

Give many hugs, a few kind words –

I cannot heal; that’s up to You.


When healing comes to someone’s heart

By words I speak, by love I show,

It isn’t my accomplishment,

But Yours, O God, and this I know.


You heal, O God, but You use means

For Your great work, so if You will,

Let my heart You’ve caused to break

Be a means You use to heal.


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