Maddie, the Poet

I’m Maddie, a

Christ follower / twentysomething / lover of beauty / people-loving introvert / overly-introspective person / daydreamer / college student / handletterer / amateur writer.

I love to write.  Words are a beautiful thing.  I love the way they can capture and express emotions and memories and thoughts.  I love how they can be used to speak truth into people’s lives, tell stories, or describe the radiant glow of a sunset.  Writing is how I process my thoughts.  I journal a lot, it helps to organize the plethora of thoughts scrambled up in my brain into something more coherent and easy to think through.  I also love to write stories and poetry, and let my imagination run free.  I’ve written stories and poems ever since I was little (many of them were never finished), and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

This blog is a place where I share poems, and occasionally maybe a short story.  (“Why a story?” you might say.  “Your title is ‘Maddie the POET’…  wouldn’t a short story be a little out of place on a poetry blog?”  I would’ve thought so, but guess what!  We get the word “poem” from a greek word poiēma, which means “fiction” or “poem”, which comes from poiein, which means the even broader “to create”.  A story is a creation, as is a poem, right?  So it wouldn’t be THAT out of place.)  Enjoy!