He Wins.


For Jesus Christ has covered all my sins.

And even if today I may not feel it,

I’ll tell my doubts and shame, “My Savior Wins.”



Beautiful friendship.

We were made to be social,

To thrive in community,

To want fellowship,

To love someone

And be loved.

And when we are loved so undeservedly

By someone else

And get to love them in return,

We get a small, imperfect glimpse

Of our Father’s even greater,

more perfect,

love for us.

Fling Wide These Doors

Notes surge; I feel my soul arise

As if carried by butterflies;

A thousand prayers to God my King—

“Oh, thanks for all You’ve done for me!”

I can’t contain this joy inside.

But sometimes, still, I tend to hide

Behind closed doors to dance this dance.

This secret heavenly romance

Must not be secret anymore.

I must fling wide this bolted door,

These walls that hide my praise, destroy;

And, though no singer, sing for joy.


Oh, Father, please, enable me

To not be shy, but set me free

To sing and dance and laugh aloud

And tell of all Your mercies, how

You’ve changed my life and given me

A new dance for these hands and feet

A new song in my mouth, to sing

The glories of You, LORD, my King,

And of all that You’ve done for me.

Unhindered, may I dance, freely.


These words, with wonder, make me seem to fly

While gravity, an anchor, stays my frame

And thoughtfully I gaze up at the sky

As I with bliss enjoy each word and name

That mark each page, creating melody—

No tune they make, but music nonetheless.

I see my Father’s creativity

In how, with gifts of words, He would us bless.


My Father’s like a poet, making poems

That one can read by seeing with their eyes—

The lofty mountains, and the crashing seas;

The myriads of stars that fill the skies.


LORD, as I revel in this poetry,

I pray that YOU, the Author, I would see.


As I look back on my mistakes

And feel remorse, please give me grace

To turn from these sins and repent

And not repeat such base events

But leave them all behind, and see

That life is better when I’m free

From thoughts and deeds that slow me down

Since rather quickly I must run.

To win this race, I must move toward

Christ, my Savior—ever forward.

Through Joyful Eyes

I’m oft weighed down with dismal thoughts.

Oh soul, what makes you so distraught?

Don’t you remember who you are

Because of One whose hands bear scars

That show the blood He shed for you?

My soul, don’t you believe it’s true?

Then soul, rejoice, and fight the lies,

And see the world through joyful eyes.

When Down Is Up

When down is up, and up is down
On earth, I cannot help but frown
At this confusion everywhere;
This toxic sin is the air—
Prismatic error on display;
Paraded. I watch in dismay…
Oh world, why did you choose this way?


A downpour roars outside my attic window.

The therapeutic patter of the rain

Both cleanses earth of dryness and pollution

And soothes my mind and heart of any pain.


I lean against the wall beneath this window

That overlooks much danger and dismay,

And close my eyes and listen to the rainfall—

And in that moment, everything’s okay.