To The Hopeless Heart

O hopeless heart, you’ll never know

How many times I weep for you

And pray the you would see the light

That all your woes would be made right.


Your world it seems to fall apart

But there is One who knows your heart–

He’ll pull you up out of the dark

The night will flee; a new day start.


I know your pain won’t seem to cease,

But look to Christ! Because He sees

Your pain; knows what you’re going through.

So turn to Him.  He’ll carry you.


©MaddieThePoet, 2016



The beauty of a starlit sky,

an owl’s lonely lullaby,

The way a sleeping mind can dream,

The music of a bubbling stream.

A friend’s smile, warm and oh so dear,

And kind words from a heart sincere,

The way a person can create,

How soul and body can relate.


All these things, and many more,

Are made by our great Creator

For us to wonder at, and see

The glory of His Majesty.

For He created all these things

For us, that praise to Him we’d bring.

For all these merely give a glimpse

Of just how beautiful God is.
©MaddieThePoet, 2015


She acts like everything’s alright,

Nothing wrong within her world.

But there’s an ever-present feeling,

Inside of her, a gnawing pain,

A conscience-pricking, dark-gray guilt.

In vain she tries to shove it down

Into a box and lock it tight,

Only to see it free again.

But no one sees this war inside her,

This losing battle, this defeat.

All they see is that she’s pretty,

Has all that she could ever want.

Everything, that is, but freedom –

Freedom from this gnawing guilt.

She’s had enough of all this pretense;

Cannot feign a smile once more.

Because she’s done an awful deed,

Left her husband for another.

Left her old life for a new one;

Left a better for a worse.

This new life looked so promising,

So much richer, much more free –

But it was all a brutal lie,

And she’s now worse off than before,

Shackled in her misery.

And her new lover senses grief

and wraps his arm around her, saying,

“Darling, tell me, what is wrong?”

She pushes his embrace away

And cannot stand a moment longer,

And fails at all endeavors to

Hold back all her bottled tears

And like a storm, they start to fall.

“Darling, tell me, what’s the matter?”

Silence, save the bitter sobs,

Until at last the tempest clears

And gives her leave to speak her mind.

“I abandoned him.  I must go back,”

She says, “I’m sorry, but I must.”

With hardly a goodbye, she leaves him –

Packs her bags and takes a plane

Across the country to her first love,

The man whom she so wrongly left;

Abandoned for another lover.

“Please, I’m here to say I’m sorry.

I’m at the airport.  Pick me up.”

Two hours later, he arrives

And to her awe, he runs to her

And scoops her up and squeezes her

And won’t let go.  Tears fall again –

Happy tears, tears of relief,

Of a forgiven heart, set free.

He kisses her upon the forehead,

Lightning sparks run down her spine.

“I was wrong to leave,” she said.

“If you don’t want me, I don’t blame you.”

He pulls her closer, whispering,

“No.  I love you.  You’re here to stay.

Forget your past, and I will too.

Let’s rejoice and celebrate,

For you were lost, but now you’re found.”

I Cannot Heal

I see the world through teary eyes,

A world turned dark by Adam’s fall,

With pain and sorrow and disaster –

And I can never fix it all.


If I could cure my one friend’s woes,

My other friend’s anxiety,

Or comfort those in pain, I would –

But healing isn’t up to me.


I could help till I drop dead,

But still, no matter what I do –

Give many hugs, a few kind words –

I cannot heal; that’s up to You.


When healing comes to someone’s heart

By words I speak, by love I show,

It isn’t my accomplishment,

But Yours, O God, and this I know.


You heal, O God, but You use means

For Your great work, so if You will,

Let my heart You’ve caused to break

Be a means You use to heal.

Anger Won’t Be Queen

Where did I get this attitude?

Today I’m irked at moments such

As inconveniences too small

Or hearing noises far too much;

Corrections coming from another

I’ll (sadly) take as such a bother.

Such instances, so minuscule,

Presses Anger’s hand to rule…


“But no!” I tell myself.  “Enough!

Why do you let yourself surrender

To these feelings of impatience?

Did your heart cease to be tender?

Soul, look, this Anger is a liar.

And she will spark a brutal fire

In your soul, if you will let her.

But do resist her; you know better.”


Temptations rise up in my mind:

“Must I resist this burning feeling?

Can’t I let myself ONE time?”

NO!!!  Though it may seem appealing.

In one small spark, ‘most no one sees

The harm of several thousand trees.

It’s to your harm when you give in

To this apparently small sin.


Anger starts out small, you see,

But grows at an increasing rate

And somewhere down this steep descent

Comes bitterness and evil hate.

Do you want this cruel master?

Spare yourself from such disaster –

Let Anger not usurp your soul.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Have self control.


I stop and say a prayer to God,

“Please help me act as You would act.

You deal with me so mercifully,

Though you could smite me just like that.

You’ve given me ability

To deal with moments patiently,

But on my own I cannot do

What would bring most joy to You.”


And just like that, the anger’s gone;

The spark, just taking flame, put out,

And God, the rightful King, controlling

This error-prone and sinful heart.

Anger, no, she won’t be queen.

Not a trace of her is seen.

The storm is calmed, and I am free

To live my life more peaceably.


Over an hour

Spent talking together.

It seems like

We hadn’t done this in forever.

Talking of missions,

What this summer holds,

Of evangelism,

The will to be bold,

Of last year as freshman,

The good times we had,

How this year is different

(Which is rather sad),

God’s grace in our lives

(Wow, isn’t He good!),

And my name for my house

(“Little House In The Hood”).

Interrupted but once

By one employee

Who dropped glass on the floor.

“I’m so sorry!” said he.

The hours passed swiftly,

Our time had to end.

I had a nice time, dear –

I’m glad you’re my friend.


I’m Maddie, a

Christ follower / lover of beauty / people-loving introvert / overly-introspective person / daydreamer / handletterer / amateur writer.

I love to write.  Words are a beautiful thing.  I love the way they can capture and express emotions and memories and thoughts.  I love how they can be used to speak truth into people’s lives, tell stories, or describe the radiant glow of a sunset.  Writing is how I process my thoughts.  I journal a lot, it helps to organize the plethora of thoughts scrambled up in my brain into something more coherent and easy to think through.  I also love to write stories and poetry, and let my imagination run free.  I’ve written stories and poems ever since I was little (many of them were never finished), and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

This blog is a place where I share poems, and occasionally maybe a short story. Enjoy!

– M.