Beautiful friendship.

We were made to be social,

To thrive in community,

To want fellowship,

To love someone

And be loved.

And when we are loved so undeservedly

By someone else

And get to love them in return,

We get a small, imperfect glimpse

Of our Father’s even greater,

more perfect,

love for us.


O, Soul

O soul, well-worn and weary,

Please, hide your woes no longer.

God gave you others to fight with you,

And help you to be stronger.

So struggle by yourself no more,

Don’t bear it on your own.

They say strength lies in number.

Don’t fight this war alone.




Over an hour

Spent talking together.

It seems like

We hadn’t done this in forever.

Talking of missions,

What this summer holds,

Of evangelism,

The will to be bold,

Of last year as freshman,

The good times we had,

How this year is different

(Which is rather sad),

God’s grace in our lives

(Wow, isn’t He good!),

And my name for my house

(“Little House In The Hood”).

Interrupted but once

By one employee

Who dropped glass on the floor.

“I’m so sorry!” said he.

The hours passed swiftly,

Our time had to end.

I had a nice time, dear –

I’m glad you’re my friend.