To Heal

She has to realize

That she can’t do it on her own

That she can’t fight this war alone—

That she needs to let her loved ones in.

To open up is to begin

to heal,

to find firm ground,

to win.



Beautiful friendship.

We were made to be social,

To thrive in community,

To want fellowship,

To love someone

And be loved.

And when we are loved so undeservedly

By someone else

And get to love them in return,

We get a small, imperfect glimpse

Of our Father’s even greater,

more perfect,

love for us.

O, Soul

O soul, well-worn and weary,

Please, hide your woes no longer.

God gave you others to fight with you,

And help you to be stronger.

So struggle by yourself no more,

Don’t bear it on your own.

They say strength lies in number.

Don’t fight this war alone.