Mysterious Ways

I am so finite, sinful, and imperfect;

I’ve failed a thousand times, I’m less than whole,

Yet still You take this weary soul, and use it

To bless other imperfect, finite souls.

You choose to use this human, though I’m messy;

Despite my imperfections, You show grace

And through me, bless some soul who needs some blessing—

You show her that You’re near, through my embrace…

Or through my mouth, speak words that heal and comfort…

What is this, LORD, that You would shine through ME?

Or how’s it that those words I spoke so rashly

Had an effect on his eternity?

Mysterious ways You use to reach Your people,

And until heaven, I won’t fully see

Why You have chosen US to build Your Kingdom—

Imperfect sinners saved, Your hands and feet.


To Heal

She has to realize

That she can’t do it on her own

That she can’t fight this war alone—

That she needs to let her loved ones in.

To open up is to begin

to heal,

to find firm ground,

to win.

O, Soul

O soul, well-worn and weary,

Please, hide your woes no longer.

God gave you others to fight with you,

And help you to be stronger.

So struggle by yourself no more,

Don’t bear it on your own.

They say strength lies in number.

Don’t fight this war alone.